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About Us

  • Our team has more than 40 years of experience in agribusiness.
  • Offices based in Brazil and Portugal, Since 2015 focussed on seeds selling.
  • We have more than 2000 clients in Brazil and the whole world.
  • Our focus is on international trade and market, we have experience on seeds and foods export.

Full Solution


    We have a big network with more than 500 suppliers registered in our data base. Furthermore, there is the possibility of production on demand.


    We have a huge diversity of products in our suppliers data base.


    We will take care of all required documents to settle the negotiation and exportation process.


    We have partnership with several logistic professionals and companies. Always aiming the lowest cost, betwen the supplier, port and the unload destination.


We offer an adapted service, feeding all clients necessities, lined in transparency, honesty and agility. Aiming to give quality results to every partnership.


We turn acessfull all brazilians products diversity to the world, without minimum order quantity, we have a diversity of packing sizes, harnessing the full capacity of brazilian production.


We aim to follow all agricultural tendencies and attend clients on a global scale with quality.

Understand the difference of the

  • 01

    Word’s farm

    Your huge territorial extension, favorable climatic conditions, and abundant natural resources are factors that makes able to produce in big scale and variety.

  • 02

    Renewable energy

    Climatic changes has defined global strategies of plant based fuels as an alternative energy source. As an alternative energy to petroleum and derivatives.

  • 03

    Global presence

    Foods and others brazilian agribusiness products are present in more than 50 countries. Brazil it is a country that exports more products than it imports.

  • 04

    Resilience in times of crises

    The brazilian agricultural sector stands out in times of crises. wars or financial difficulties. The financial values has increased by 60% since the beginning of the pandemic.

Foods and Seeds of quality

We work with several products and factories that follow the quality standards of national, and international institutes, and bodies of inspection and quality control.

Furthermore, in cases of a specific technical need, due to our wide network of suppliers, we are able to search for and atend the desired need.


Our products are analyzed by
accredited laboratories by MAPA -

Global Agribusiness Leader